2013-09-22 Andrei Zavadaupdate changelogs for 1.1.14 1.1.14
2013-09-22 Andrei don't carry debian/*, now moved dirlevel up
2013-09-22 Andrei is it AC_LIB_READLINE or AX_*?
2013-09-22 Andrei Zavadause anon namespace instead of static, and __attribute__...
2013-09-22 Andrei Zavadacheck for return value of regcomp; use range-based for
2013-09-22 Andrei Zavadatweaks to autotools files
2013-09-18 Andrei Zavadawhy is this tarball here?
2013-09-17 Andrei Zavadadeboostify (part 2/2)
2013-09-16 Andrei Zavadadeboostification (part 1/2)
2013-09-16 Andrei Zavadaseparate upstream from distro-specific files
2012-09-26 Andrei Zavadadebian: update Vcs-* fields to point to git.d.o/debian-med
2012-08-03 Andrei ZavadaMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// origin-sf/master 1.1.13
2012-08-03 Andrei Zavadadon't forget to include one precious file under debian
2012-08-02 Yaroslav HalchenkoFIX no "oi" in DOI and tuned list of Authors format...
2012-08-01 Andrei Zavadamark 1.1.13 as initial debian release
2012-08-01 Andrei Zavadadon't install manpages for tools for debian
2012-08-01 Andrei Zavadamark debian/changelog entry for 1.1.12 as unreleased
2012-08-01 Andrei Zavadamore debian/* updates
2012-07-30 Andrei Zavadadebian/* update
2012-07-30 Andrei Zavadawrite about tools in README.Debian
2012-07-29 Andrei Zavadadebian/copyright: separate Files: fields for me and...
2012-07-29 Andrei Zavadamove ratiocoding dir under doc/cnrun/examples; drop...
2012-07-29 Andrei Zavadastate GPL-2+ in all sources' headers
2012-07-29 Andrei Zavadapoint Vcs-Browser to pkg-exppsy shared repo
2012-07-27 Andrei Zavadaopen 1.1.13 window; add debian/upstream
2012-07-22 Andrei Zavadaupdate debian/*; release 1.1.12 1.1.12
2012-07-20 Andrei Zavadavarious maint fixes
2012-07-18 Andrei ensure no leftovers so make distcheck...
2012-07-18 Andrei Zavadadebian/rules: partially enable hardening flags
2012-07-18 Andrei Zavadaassorted style and C++ discipline refreshments
2012-07-18 Andrei Zavadaconfigure option --enable-pch
2012-07-18 Andrei don't enable silent rules by default
2012-06-03 Andrei Zavadaheed g++-4.7 errors and warnings
2012-06-03 Andrei Zavadaspruce up & other files
2012-01-26 Andrei Zavadaupdate changelogs, release 1.1.11 1.1.11
2012-01-26 Andrei Zavadamention ratiocoding example in cnrun,1
2012-01-26 Andrei Zavadaupdate author's email; broaden license to just "GPL"
2012-01-25 Andrei Zavadadoc: add real-life, actually working setup in ratiocoding/
2012-01-25 Andrei Zavadalibcn/base-neuron.hh: don't overzealously define virtua...
2012-01-21 Andrei Zavadaspruce up debian and man files, release 1.1.10 1.1.10
2012-01-20 Andrei Zavadaconstness discipline
2012-01-19 Andrei Zavadamove libstilton next to libcn; more autotools and debia...
2012-01-18 Andrei Zavadascratch2, now building with g++-4.6.2
2012-01-17 Andrei Zavadascratch